SALE  - Truly Tremendous Kingman Turquoise Statement Ring size 7.5
SALE - originally $310. resize available ($50 additional charge) we've teamed up with a truly amazing and lovely rockhound/artist over here at lovinganvil. she's out there, moving around the western u.s. desert, scouting and digging in family claims. we're absolutely stunned and thrilled by the treasures she's finding/seeing/co-creating with mother nature. and we feel blessed by her good energy and excitement in working with us. each stone that we have from this collaboration comes with a story and full history of it's discovery and travels. fair trade and kindness through and through. art/adornment/jewelry created with these pieces are one of a kind and strong of love and metaphysic energy. there is no worry of mistreatment in their mining. well. except for the occasional scorpion sting. but our rockhound has what sounds to me to be a pretty solid plan for avoiding that in the future. this beautiful stone is a turquoise from kingman, arizona which is rapidly becoming more and more rare, especially at this size! it measures 55mm x 20mm and approx 8mm thick. the ring is sterling silver and the stone is set in fine silver. it fits a size 7.5 and is ready to go. and then there's all this good stuff: TURQUOISE is linked to the figure of the mother. It has tremendous skills as a regenerative power and can transform darkness into light. Aid to resolve blockages and crisis that can cause degenerative diseases. Attracts luck, gives security and self esteem. It's relaxing and quiet community in adversity that cause depression and suffering. Good for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fifth chakra. xoxo y mas coco