SALE - Beautiful mauve striped jasper ring with 14k gold accents statement piece one of a kind, size 8
SALE - originally $295 a dreamy ombre variation in purples, lilacs and grays. discovered and dug from the oregon desert, it offers endless enjoyable subtitles on which to meditate. the stone is approximately 43mm x 15mm at its widest point. a half in wide open u band allows for comfort and some flex, but the ring is not really adjustable and fits a size 7.5/8. it's sterling silver with fine silver setting and 6 (three on each side) 2mm roundish 14k yellow gold satellites flank each side of the stone near the band. we've teamed up with a truly amazing and lovely rockhound/artist over here at lovinganvil. she's out there, moving around the western u.s. desert, scouting and digging in family claims. we're absolutely stunned and thrilled by the treasures she's finding/seeing/co-creating with mother nature. and we feel blessed by her good energy and excitement in working with us. each stone that we have from this collaboration comes with a story and full history of it's discovery and travels. fair trade and kindness through and through. art/adornment/jewelry created with these pieces are one of a kind and strong of love and metaphysic energy. there is no worry of mistreatment in their mining. well. except for the occasional scorpion sting. but our rockhound has what sounds to me to be a pretty solid plan for avoiding that in the future. and a bit about jasper: It has the ability to foster and nurture and its energy is used for grounding and protection. This mineral is a super nurturer and is a stone of protection. It protects against negativity and aids in the grounding to the stabilizing energies of the earth, defends us from infections and pollution that surrounds us. Purple Jasper Stimulates the crown chakra. It eliminates contradictions Purple is also a color that will connect you with your spiritual self. It is good for mental and nervous problems. Helps with pain, is used in deep tissue work and helps heal the bones.