Hand crocheted  Doll - Pink Dress with Bunny Security Blanket
Size: 11 inches Materials: Acrylic Yarn Pattern used: Purchased from @manuskacrochet Clothes: Not removable except for night cap Ships: Priority This cute love-able and hug-able 11" Doll is hand crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn and stuffed with high quality fiberfill. She will make a great toy or shelf sitter. She as embroidered eyes so she is child friendly. She is wearing a removable night cap. She loves to hold and play with her bunny blanket. She will make any little girl or "little girl at heart" smile with happiness. She is one of a kind and she is only staying with me while waiting to be loved by a new and special friend. She is ready to be adopted today to love and be loved by that special someone. She is light weight but sturdy and easy to hold and carry. She will be a true friend to any child. Clothes are not removable except for her night cap. This item is handmade and created by me in a smoke free environment using quality materials. ----------- SAFETY ----------- Hand crocheted toy. Check frequently for unusual wear and immediately remove from play if any is found to avoid injury. Repair or discard any damaged toys. Warning: Not suitable for children under three years. Please use your own judgment when purchasing these for very small children. FREE GIFT. Please contact me at lovenstitches2@gmail.com if you would like to see something in a different color or if you require a larger quantity of a particular item I will try to answer your request within 24 hrs.