2 in 1 Cradle/Purse and 6" Doll - Doll Bed/Doll Carrier - Pink/Rose- Heart Pattern
This is for both the 6" DOLL and The Cradle/Purse also includes bedding... Closed it is a purse and doll carrier. Opened it becomes a doll bed. This purse closed measures 9" wide by 8" tall. It holds a doll up to 8" in size ( 6" Doll included). It closes with a draw string with hearts that doubles as handles for the purse I have also included a small matching blanket, mattress and pillow. When opened the bed has a ruffled bottom and a pull up canopy just perfect for home or travel playtime. It makes a great gift for your little princess. It is comes with my 6" Newborn Doll. Other 6-8" dolls are sold separately in my shop. This doll and purse ship Priority Mail. The purse is made of acrylic yarn so it is soft but sturdy, ready for hours of playtime fun. This item is handmade and created by me in a smoke free environment using quality materials. Pattern used to create this doll bed was purchased from: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NavymomsNook ----------- SAFETY ----------- Hand crocheted toy. Child friendly. No small parts or sharp pieces. Check frequently for unusual wear and immediately remove from play if any is found to avoid injury. Repair or discard any damaged toys. If choosing for a younger child supervised play is recommend. Please use your own judgment when purchasing these for very small children. FREE GIFT.