Heating Pad Set, Microwavable, Hot cold packs, Heating Pad, Aromatherapy heating pads, Gift set, Buckwheat seed and Rice
This heating pad set will make a great gift. The set comes with 3 of my most popular heating pads and each has a removable cover. Large heating pad 14 x 8 Regular Heating Pad 5.5 x 12 Eye Pillow 4 x 10 The heating pads are filled with organic Buckwheat seed, Flax seed and some Rice. Buckwheat seed and Flax seed is know to hold in the heat for a longer period of time and the rice helps give off a nice moist heat.Different scents that can be added to each heating pad. The insert for the heating pads are divided into sections to evening distribute the filling for an even heating. Place Heating Pad in microwave for at l30seconds to 2 minutes depending on which heating pad you are using. The pad will retain heat up to 30 minutes and longer if you use it under a blanket. Detailed directions do come with your set.