Labrys Tribal Bellydance Designs

Located In
Cordova, TN
Owned By
Cymbeline Rois
Store Details
Labrys Tribal Designs is a branch of Labrys Tribal Bellydance, which was founded by Cymbeline Ysabeau Rois (Cym, for short), a professional fusion belly dancer, choreographer, and instructor in the Memphis and Cordova areas. She is founder of Labrys Tribal Bellydance (formerly Dark Delices Bellydance) and an original troupe member of Nava Sanctum. Labrys Tribal Bellydance Designs is Cym's other creative and artistic outlet. Unable many times to find the costuming items she was seeking, she began making her own. When bellydancing students and other bellydancers began asking her where she got her items, Cymbeline began making costuming, some custom, for them as well. At the urging of her customers, friends, and family, she has opened Labrys Tribal Bellydance Designs, a place to find belly dance lusciousness created from the ramblings and meanderings of Cym's mind and spirit at the moment. Sometimes Goth, sometimes whimsical, her designs are not easily categorized or labeled ~ sometimes Warrior Goddess, at times whimsical Faery, or perhaps mischievous Mermaid. Take a peek! A treasure hunt, a look in the attic trunk, Pandora's box...what lies within Labrys Tribal Bellydance Designs (LTBD)? Come hither and wander the boutique. Don't mind the glitter ~ we should all sparkle.