CUSTOM ORDER Pokemon Cross Stitches- Keychains, Zipper Pulls, Magnets, or Ornaments
I am making custom order cross stitch products! Popular items include your favorite Pokemon, pokeballs, or a set of two including Ash and Pikachu. Prices range from approximately $7-20 depending on the Pokemon, amount of time required to make it, and size. Most Pokemon take an average of 2 hours to make, handmade, and measure ~1-2 inches. Some take up to 5 hours. -Keychains are hand stitched onto plastic canvas for extra durability, then attached to a keychain ring and chain. -Zipper Pulls are stitched the same as keychains, but attached to a lobster clasp hook rather than a keyring. A great addition to a bookbag or purse! **A small additional fee ($2) applies to zipper pulls because they cost more for materials. -Ornaments are attached to a string loop rather than a keychain for Christmas tree hanging, and work great as DS charms! -Magnets are hand stitched onto AIDA cloth and attached to magnet backing that covers the entire back for added strength and durability. Very sturdy and unique! Stitched with DMC embroidery floss, satin floss, or metallic floss, on white, black, light blue, or oatmeal colored AIDA cloth or plastic canvas. Beading details are added where appropriate. Textured products that any Pokemon lovers will enjoy! Please contact me with inquiries and requests, I'll create an option for you to pay on here, and I'll have it made within a week to mail out to you! (: