Dream Catcher 6 inch
The Dream Catcher was originally designed to ensure good dreams for anyone sleeping under it. It is best to place the dream catcher in a place where the morning light will hit it. While sleeping the dreams that come from the spirit world come into the webbing and traps the bad dreams while allowing the good dreams to pass through for the dreamer. The bad dreams are destroyed by the sun’s rays as it enters through the window as the sun rises in the morning. This dream catcher is made from a metal hoop with beautiful white suede wrapping. The web is unique and one of a kind. No two dream catchers are the same. This particular dream catcher has a beautiful two-tone green stone in the center. There are two rows of feathers hanging from the 6-inch ring. A matching hanger is on top with decorative beads securing the ends and feathers. This dream catcher was made in a smoke free environment. These make a great conversation piece or a lovely gift and included with the dream catcher is an adorable story about the dream catcher.