Window Clings Fruit (Non Vinyl)
These beautiful and colorful window clings are handcrafted. There are no two that are identical because the colors of the paint will lend some difference in each one. If you are looking for the perfect window decoration this are just what you are looking for. They are also great for patio doors to keep children, pets and birds from running into the glass. These come 4 to a set and I make many different clings. These handmade clings do not have a vinyl back, I make them with a special paint that allows them to stick to glass, they can be removed and placed into a different place, or put up for use at a future date. They come in a special package that will keep them safe until you are ready to re-use them. If you are looking for holiday clings please check back, as I will have them available during the holiday season as well. The sizes of each cling are approximately 3” x 3” up to 3” x 5” depending on the cling itself. They are on a plastic sheet that measures approximately 8” x 8”, which is inside a plastic folder to protect them during storage. These are reusable. Included is an instruction sheet explaining how to use and store your clings. These clings are made in a smoke free environment. If you are unhappy with the clings, we will gladly replace them with a different set available, upon return of the originals, you will need to cover the return shipping cost but, we will cover the shipping for the new set. Please choose your (4) from the following:( apple basket with light or dark brown), (basket of fruit with light or dark brown), (strawberry large or small size), (orange), (apple), (cherries), (banana), (Indian corn), (pumpkin), (watermelon),(pear green or brown), (plum) or a (pineapple) Send me an email at with the clings you would like for your order..