The Forever Yours Box - A Mini Escape My Reality Home Edition Game
Get Engaged with a Mystery Mini Box Celebrate the love of your life in a fun, unique way. In this special game, we will create a wonderful mystery showcasing all of the amazing qualities of your soulmate. All of the clues will uncover everything that makes your relationship special, and will lead up to the most important question of your life. Your love is mysterious and exciting; and we would be honored to share this magical moment with you. When you order this box we will send you a questionnaire to make sure you have the best experience possible. There will be a small locked box to which only you will know the code, and in this box will be where you place your engagement ring. Unlike many offshoots of escape rooms, Escape My Reality offers mini at home escape rooms to play with family and friends. The game boxes are actual home versions of our live escape rooms. Instead of a simple box of clues, your box is part of the game with props, mini furniture, locked boxes, cyphers, maps, puzzles, and more! The best part is that each of our games includes real presents for you to enjoy. Use the clues, riddles, and mysteries to unlock our amazing prizes! Of course the ultimate prize will come from you for the love of your life! We are not a board game, but an actual Escape Room to play at home. Everything you need is in the box - even the box itself holds hidden clues! No need to set anything up! Just sit at a table with the one you love and enjoy the mystery! The Escape Room Box will be discreetly sent as a normal escape room game in order to not ruin the moment. Now you can unlock your wonderful future together.