Birthday Bonanza - A MEGA Escape My Reality Home Edition Game
The Mysteries of "Me" MEGA Box - Recommended for large groups and parties It’s a birthday - find a way to celebrate that special day! A mystery box with clues galore Will open up a brand new door. Give a gift unique and new. One that’s written for them or you! It’s your friend, or family members special day! It is a birthday celebration; and you can give them the ultimate gift - their very own Escape Room in a Box Mystery Game; A mystery box written all about your friend or family member! Having your own birthday bash? Buy one for yourself and stump your guests! This is the first ever FULLY CUSTOMIZED Birthday Escape Room Mystery Game Box. Work with your friends and family to unlock different clues, codes, maps, riddles, locked boxes, and more; many of which are specifically written for that special birthday person to unlock the ultimate birthday present. In this fully customized box; we will create all the clues and the prizes about things the receiver loves. Every detail is intricately designed around that special someone. In this box you will find an exciting mystery game all about who the birthday person is. How well do people know them? Buying a box for your own birthday? Find out how well you know yourself! When you order our specialized Escape Room in a Box Mystery Game we will send you a questionnaire so we can get to know the person who the box is for, in order to make this the most special gift a person could receive on their birthday. Unlike many offshoots of escape rooms, Escape My Reality offers mini at home escape rooms to play with family and friends. The game boxes are actual home versions of our live escape rooms. Instead of a simple box of clues, your box is part of the game with props, mini furniture, locked boxes, cyphers, maps, puzzles, and more! The best part is that each of our games includes real presents for you to enjoy. Use the clues, riddles, and mysteries to unlock our amazing prizes! We are not a board game, but an actual Escape Room to play at home. Everything you need is in the box - even the box itself holds hidden clues! No need to set anything up! Just sit at a table with friends and family -and enjoy the escape! Escape the boring birthday parties and the same old games. Let the celebration begin now! Available in a Special Birthday Keepsake Box for just $10 extra!!! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery