Rose Air Freshener
Rose - A beautiful fragrance of a garden of roses in full bloom! 8 oz. quilted mason jar air freshener. Made with gel like crystals that absorb up to 400 times their weight in water, and expand to make beautiful clear gel like crystals. Each air freshener is handmade with distilled water, crystals, water soluble dye, fragrance oils and a gold daisy pattern vented lid. These air fresheners will evaporate over time, but are known to last 6-9 months. It is recommended to add 1 tsp. of water and shake, this will absorb into the crystals and freshen the scent. You can use these in any living area, closets, lockers, and even you car for a nice fragrance. One thing to remember, if you are using it in your car and the weather is very hot and humid the air freshener will evaporate quicker than if placed in your home or office. Be careful not to spill the contents onto any furniture surfaces, the fragrance oils can strip the varnish. Keep away from small children and pets. These make great gifts, and are nice for senior living centers and college dorms where candle burning is prohibited. A nice alternative to candle burning and teenagers love them!