Brealene's Upcycling and Casual Creations

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Clinton, MT
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Brealene Hagen
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Welcome to Brealene’s Upcycling and Casual Creations or BrealenesUCC for short. Sewing is a huge part of my life, I work with new and used material. I love making my own kids clothes, I don't particularly like store bought. Either cheap feeling, full of advertisements, or just not that attractive. Sometimes I just get a hair and a random idea is born. Some of these have turned out wonderful, while others are quietly dismantled and never spoken of again. My favorite material to work with is jean, it's a lot of work, but my jean quilts and coozies are fun to make and adorable. The work makes me feel accomplished. My favorite jean quilt is one I made for my mother, it’s in a brick pattern and “inside out” for a frayed look. The machines I use are a Baby lock Evolve serger, Singer Stylist 774 and an Adler Chandler 67. My shop is checked every day, but will have new items added randomly as I have time to make them. Most of my sewing is mending, and presents of every holiday for my family. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!