Caramel apple marshmallows
Caramel apple marshmallows are flavored with apple cider, and fresh homemade, handcrafted caramel sauce that is swirled throughout the marshmallows. Perfect for fall eating or added to a hot mug of apple cider, consider them as individually wrapped treats to give to kids for school parties. 18 large handcrafted hand cut marshmallows are in an order. Marshmallows are fresh for 3 weeks from date of order, longer if frozen. Ingredients include: Ingredients include: sugar, water, corn syrup, apple cider, caramel, gelatin & corn starch Caramel ingredients: sugar, Dairy cream, butter, vanilla Need an order in bulk? Email me and I will created a special custom listing for you with the quantity you need.. Food allergy warning: Contains: DAIRY PRODUCTS, Corn product If you have an allergy to dairy milk, please let me know I can make these with caramel flavoring.