Dishcloth in Variegated November Squash
'Mom and Me' spent many Alzheimer's hours together, knitting. 'Mom/Audrey' was an Alzheimer's victim and 'Me/Debbie' her caregiver. Yes, Mother and daughter. In her later stages of Alzheimer's, Mom/Audrey was eager to knit again! So we did! Knitting was still in her 'autopilot.' After teaching me the Knit Stitch, we were both twirling needles! With entrepreneuring in mind, we designed 'Audrey's Dishcloths' business cards and invested in more yarn. Then when later Alzheimer's stages invaded, Mom decided to stop knitting and watch me do it for her. As difficult as this reality was for both of us, it is now time I will forever treasure. Enjoy Audrey's Dishcloths! ~ Debbie Ludvigson, Ludvigson Lace, Aftcra Material: cotton, variegated yarn Color: Variegated November Squash Size: 7" x 8" Price: $10.00 Made by: Daughter, Debbie Ludvigson/LudvigsonLace