Native-Inspired Hand-Painted Wall Hanging Upcycled Tile with Raffia Fringe Frame
When I was in elementary school, my grandparents had an RV, an Allegra (remember those? big cream colored box with thin bright orange stripes across the sides???), and they would take me crosscountry. We would stop at all the National Parks, taking hundreds of rolls of pictures along the way. It was the 80s, and one of their favorite, and ultimately my favorite, places (besides Yellowstone and Glacier!) were the reservations. Even as a child, I was drawn to the art. The patterns, the colors, the geometry, the beauty. I grew up thinking I was Native American, from the Cherokee people. I now know that I am 6% Taino (from Puerto Rico) and 1% from the south western indigenous peoples that is now known as the U.S. I made this piece using a piece of old tile that was donated to me from a home remodel. I used acrylic paint (and a ruler) to make the pattern. I wrapped the slice of slate with cream-colored wire, then looped raffia to create fringe, leaving a loop for hanging. I then sprayed the whole piece with clear enamel coating to give a little extra sheen, and a little extra protection from dust. Its easy to clean - just wipe with a dry or damp cloth/sponge. Measures 4.5” across with fringe, about 2” without, and is about a 1 cm thick. Weighs about an ounce. Makes a beautiful accent piece to a small space, a unique ornament for the holidays, and it definitely makes a delightful treat for yourself or someone for which you care.