Handcrafted Book Boxes - Varieties Available - Jewelry Box - Stash Box - Multipurpose Box - Upcycled Art
Choose between three different book boxes: Dream Away Dreamcatcher, Candy Skull, or Boho Elephant. Old textbooks transformed into charming jewelry boxes decorated with mixed mediums, each one unique and with its own character. The Dreamcatcher has a magnetic closure, while the other two feature snap button closures. I rescued these outdated medical textbooks before they went to the landfill, hollowed them out by hand, then decoupaged the interiors with recycled magazines and cookbooks, and handpainted the exterior, adding upcycled costume jewelry beads for a little extra glam. They've been sealed with clear enamel coating, so please use care when wiping with a damp cloth to clean. A few years ago, I came across an article that discussed the impact on non-profit charity thrift stores from unsellable items. It really bothered me that these items not only put a financial burden on these charities, but it also got to me that these items ultimately wound up in the landfill. So I got to thinking, and a doing a little bit of research, and I found some common items that overflow these shops and different things I could repurpose them for. Outdated medical textbooks, as well as old college textbooks, quickly became one of my favorite things to reinvent. First, I secure the pages together and I use small pin nails to hammer the pages together, and so they stay in place for the next step. I then add layers of modge podge on the outside of the pages, then place under weights with a piece of wax paper between the top cover and the top page. After drying overnight, I then draw out the compartments I want, and, using a box cutter, I slice the pages a few at a time until I reach the bottom. (Some walls are straighter than others!) This usually takes about a day or so. Once the inside is hollowing out, then I add another layer of modge podge on the inside "walls". After drying again overnight and under a weight, I deco page the interior with recycled magazines, cookbook pages, etc until I've got a design I'm happy with. I then handpaint the inside, let it dry, then finish with a clear enamel coating. Once this is dry, I then paint and decorate the exterior with upcycled beads from old costume jewelry (another common thrift store item!) using jewelry glue. When this is dry, I then add another coat of clear enamel, and add tape to the spine to ensure longevity. And somewhere in all of that, I decide whether to insert a magnetic or snap-button closure. Everyone is unique, and incredibly detailed. I've put a lot of time, intention, love, and pride into each box. My mom uses hers for her medicine bottles to declutter her nightstand, and add a little accent decor. My daughter uses hers to help organize her make-up on her bedroom desk. They make great little stash boxes, incense holders, jewelry boxes, what ever you can think of. I can always custom design and create one for you, so please reach out.