Valentines Day Gift Box | Handmade
Gift your loved ones this valentines day with an organic Valentine gift box! This box comes with: Two decorative soaps from our current inventory. We cure our soaps for extra time, so they last a while! Handmade lotion bar. Organic Massage Oils. Organic oils of Jojoba and grapeseed, and organic essential oils of cedarwood, lavender, and eucalyptus. Handmade bath salts. The salts used are Himalayan pink, dead sea, and Epsom. The jar is enough for one full bath. 2 bars of Endangered Species Chocolate (organic!) Two bags of organic tea. Four raw clover honey sticks A brown kraft gift box. Includes tissue paper, stuffing, a bow, a fancy heart gift tag, and a handwritten note to go anywhere in the US!