Audrey Two hand puppet
Fan of the musical or staging a production of little shop? I offer four sizes/pods for the different stages of growth audrey two goes through. This listing is for the iconic Audrey Two puppet most thought of when referencing little shop. Puppet made from hard, strong, durable plaster- this puppet will last a lifetime. Roughly 12-14” from nose too to base of pod, this is a very generously sized hand puppet! Photos don’t do it justice! Puppet is built with a “ sleeve” worn up to about elbow length, which acts as the plants “ stem” disguisibgvtge pupoet mechanism. It’s covered with foliage, leaves, roots and vines abs the puppet itself has ferocious pointy teeth and snarly lips. Such a cool puppet! Each puppet is made by hand, not from a mold, and as such goes through several stages of building and will take between 1-2 weeks to make from start to finish. Please prepare for this when ordering. Thank you!