Lymph Massage Oil
Our lymph Massage Oil is made by slowly infusing wildcrafted herbs into organic olive oil over 12 weeks to create a deeply supportive and nourishing oil that helps facilitate lymph movement and detoxing in the body. Lymph massage oil is designed to be massaged into the whole body, but with special attention being paid to massaging the lymph glands specifically. The areas around our throat, under our arms, under our breasts, and around our groin area are particularly packed with lymph nodes and glands, and benefit greatly by regular, intentional massage. Movement is the body’s only pump for our lymph system. Our blood has our heart to pump it, but unless we move all of our body on a consistent, regular basis, our lymph systems get stagnant. And this stagnation from lack of movement can lead to an increased risk of minor infections like the cold and flu, but over time can also lead to more severe illness. And with our modern lifestyles that are extremely busy, but often contain very little natural movement that our lymph system needs to pump and purge, it is extremely common to see lymph stagnation in men, women and children of all ages. Regular movement should be the first go to for improving lymph health; but in addition to movement, regular lymph massage is an excellent method of moving the lymph fluid and helping the body flush toxins and heal itself. Sometimes movement isn’t possible due to long hours working in a chair, or severe illness that leaves a person bed bound or unable to move sufficiently to pump the lymph effectively. In these situations lymph massage is extremely effective and can greatly reduce the unpleasant symptoms of lymph stagnation. How Is Lymph Massage Oil Different From Regular Massage Oil? You can do a lymph massage with any plant based oil that you have handy. No special oils are needed, the movement of the massage is enough to produce great benefits and facilitate lymph movement. But in addition to the massage, there are multiple amazing plant allies that have powerful chemical constituents which also help support the lymph and immune systems, and help encourage lymph movement and mobility as it circulates through the body. When we combine the power of these amazing plants along with lymph massage, the combination of the two results in a truly amazing and healing experience. This lymph oils contains: Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic jojoba oil, infused with wildcrafted cleavers, yarrow, lavender, cardamom, and vanilla.