Relax Me Herbal Tea 1 oz bag
Relax Me Herbal Tea is a soothing, deeply relaxing blend that can be useful for aiding in sleep, relaxation, to soothe anxiety, help with pain, and generally soothe and calm. This listing is for 1 oz which makes aprox 22 cups of tea. Relax Me Tea Contains: Chocolate mint: is a dark, rich, mint and happens to be my very favorite of all mints for teas! The chocolate mint in this tea was grown on our farm with beyond organic practices, and hand harvested and carefully dried for the highest potency possible. Chocolate mint is a fantastic aid for the digestive system, helps calm and soothe the nervous system, and aid in pain relief. Apple Mint: is light fuzzy, sweet smelling and tasting mint that has a very soothing and relaxing quality that mixes very well with other relaxing herbs and makes it a favorite for me in soothing or sleepy tea blends. This apple mint was grown on our farm with beyond organic practices, and harvested and dried by hand for the highest potency possible. Apple mint is soothing to the digestive system, and helps calm the nervous system. Nettles: organically grown stinging nettles are rich in minerals and vitamins, help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, relax the nervous system, and nourish weak blood. Passion Flower: organically grown passion flower is added to help support healthy sleep patterns, reduce anxiety, and nervous tension, reduce pain and inflammation, and help calm an overactive mind. Lemon Balm: organically grown lemon balm is added to help relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote a state of relaxation, help with insomnia, help relieve indigestion and aid overall mental performance. Oat Grass: organically grown oat grass is a highly nutrient dense plant and is high in manganese, iron, zinc, and many other nutrients. Oat grass helps nourish the body, promote relaxation, help the body cope with stress, and helps regulate sleep. If a person is allergic to oats, a qualified health care practitioner should be consulted before consuming products containing oat grass. Often an allergy to the grain isn't present to the grass itself, but I recommend avoiding any oat grass unless you are 100% sure you can tolerate it. Chamomile: organically chamomile aids in reducing inflammation, promotes relaxation, reduces pain, helps the body achieve deep sleep, aids in digestion and boosts the immune system. Catnip: organically grown catnip has a profound calming effect on the nervous system, acts as a sedative, promotes relaxation, aids digestion, can help boost mood, and reduces anxiety and restlessness. Jasmine Flowers: organic jasmine flowers help promote relaxation, ease digestive upsets, soothe stomach cramps, and aid the body in detoxing. Fennel Seeds: organic fennel seeds help promote relaxation, ease digestive upsets, soothe stomach cramps, and aid the body during the detoxifying process. Lavender Buds: beyond organically grown lavender buds help promote deep relaxation, help the body release physical and mental stress, helps reduce anxiety, helps relieve pain, reduces inflammation, reduces bloating and aids in digestion. Fireweed Flowers: sustainably wildcrafted fireweed helps the body adjust and adapt in stressful situations, helps reduce inflammation and aids the mind in coping with change and upheaval. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”