ZedVers Patents Pending Concept Used with Handbags
ZedVers.com has a sign up for Interested Parties for Beta Testing, Etc. ZedVers is an Limited Edition Elegant Handbag Interconnecting Set System of Nine Pieces. The Main Tote Bag Conveniently Separates into Three Stand Alone Accessory to Adapt to Your Needs by the Hour. Additional accessories included can alter to accommodate various looks and uses. Bag Parts Mix & Match. Technically, Five Handbags (as the wallet/wristlet can reattach to the clutch/should bag), plus a Credit Card Holder, Plus a Cosmetic Bag with a Detachable Wristlet Claw Hook, plus Two Shoulder Straps. Get a hand-made prototyped limited edition ZedVers now while you can - universal connectivity, unlimited possibilities!