Design your own Akita Tail!
Bouncy Akita Tails! Theses tails are made out of Fake Fur and are animal cruelty free! They are soft, extra large, and super fluffy while being bouncy! They fit very well as a fursuit tail. Akita Tails are larger and more curled than Husky Tails which are also available in shop for purchase. (see photo #4) Sewn with super strong Nylon for tail pulling creatures and rough wear. The nylon bands attach to belts, ribbons or hooks. (See Nylon photo #5) Tails have a nice wagging motion when worn correctly. Please view the FAUX FUR COLOR CHART LIST in our shop before picking your fur number(s) to ensure that the chosen color is correct. #32 Skunk is not compatible for Akita Tail TIP. All item shipped within the USA are shipped Priority Mail. Item should arrive 2-3 days after your tracking number is provided if within the USA.