Design your own Puppy Ears
Soft bendable Puppy Ears!! Theses ears are made out of high quality super soft faux fur and are animal cruelty free! The ears can slide up and down and be height adjusted to fit your wearing needs. Ears are 100% wired so they are bendable for the exact look you need. These ears are securely attached to a metal headband and measure approximately 6 inches when ears are positioned fully up. PLEASE choose the color of the INSIDE EAR and OUTSIDE EAR. There is also the option of choosing to have these ears fully TRIMMED or UNTRIMMED. Trimmed: No bottom ear fluff but just as soft like the main photo! (Fur Color #18 Burgundy). Untrimmed: The base/Bottom of the ears will be left fluffy as some photos show. (scroll through available photos). Please view our FAUX FUR COLOR CHART LIST in the shop before picking your fur number(s) to ensure that the chosen color is correct. #32 Skunk is not compatible for Puppy Ears. Please take note of the furs that are listed as SHORT FUR LENGTH as those CANNOT have the long fluffy bottom fur shown in photos. Custom commissions are available and we can make short fur ears with a longer fur color of choice for the bottom fluffs. The fur numbers listed below are short furs and they are TOO SHORT to be trimmed with any fluff...exception: Spotty) #1 Leopard (NO TRIMMING AVAILABLE) #4 Pink Spot (NO TRIMMING AVAILABLE) #13 Tiger (NO TRIMMING AVAILABLE) #38 Spotty. (Pile length 1") All other furs are 2" pile and look like the fluffy in the photos when trimmed in either style. All item shipped within the USA are shipped Priority Mail. Item should arrive 2-3 days after your tracking number is provided if within the USA.