3" Black Cat Ears
White ears are also available in shop! Don't want Black Ears or White Ears? Message us with your personal commission needs and view the "Faux Fur Color Chart" listed in shop to see all available faux fur color options! Theses ears are made out of high quality super soft faux fur and are animal cruelty free! These super soft ears can slide up and down and be height adjusted to fit your wearing needs. The ears are 100% wired so they are bendable and positional. PLEASE CHOOSE TUFF TUFT COLOR - if you want the inner ear fur tuft (if you want black inner ear fluff choose #39 Black) or CHOOSE "NO TUFF TUFT" - and ears will not have inner ear tuft fluff. Please view my FAUX FUR COLOR CHART LIST in my shop before picking a tuff tuft number color, to ensure that the chosen color is correct. #32 Skunk is not compatible with Cat Ears. All item shipped within the USA are shipped Priority Mail so item should arrive 2-3 days after your tracking number is provided if within the USA.