I DO NOT SELL FAUX FUR. THIS IS ONLY FOR LISTING THE FAUX FUR COLORS IN STOCK. YOU CANNOT BUY FAUX OR YARDS FUR FROM ME. THIS LISTING IS SO MY CUSTOMERS CAN EASILY SEE AND PICK THE COLORS THEY WANT FOR THEIR HANDMADE ITEMS I CREATE. NO matter how realistic a fur color may look, they are all fake synthetics of high quality. My fur is cruelty free! LISTED BELOW ARE SHORT LENGTH FURS All other furs are long pile and around 2 inches long. `SHORT FURS: #1 Leopard, #4 Pink Spot, #13 Tiger & #38 Spotty. I do NOT make wired tails. Please don't ask. I make ALL handmade items after they are ordered. Feel free to message me for custom made item! I specializing in making high quality Fursuit gear and Cosplay fun!. Check out my Instagram for previous Commissions and Creations! @DrighiArts