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This beard oil is like no other! With a 100% tried and true recipe that is original and unique to me your beard will love you. Ladies, you will never fear No Shave November again! A super secret blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and essential oils makes your beard soft as the mane of a unicorn. This is for those who can't pick; the ones that like to mix things up and try a new one every day! The 3-0.5 Oz sampler set includes: The Gentleman: a blend of bourbon and cedarwood. You'll smell like the gentleman you are; even if you forget to hold the door open for her. -Ladies Man: a unique blend of lemon and sandalwood for a light, crisp, and refreshing scent to de-stink that beard of yours and bring on the ladies! Especially good for special occasions. -The Everyday Man: a blend of tea tree, peppermint, and orange that has a light citrus and mint aroma. It's a smell you won't get tired of smelling! I am open to making you a custom blend! If you'd like one, convo me and we can get it done! Each Beard Oil is packaged in a 50 ml amber glass bottle and filled to the brim with the good stuff. For use, simply drop 2-3 drops in your hands and comb through your beard with your fingers. This bottle will last you around 1 year! Do not store it in direct sunlight or in extreme temperatures. Being that it is 100% oils and no fillers, it has a tendency to try to escape. But only sometimes. But, you'd better be safe and store it upright. Be a cool kid and follow me on social media for deals, laughs, and to get to know The Soothe Chef! Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @TheSootheChef