Hand Braided Oval Wool Rug, Taupe, and Brown 38" x 22"
Display your bond with nature with a rug of Earth tones. Use bedside to massage your feet last thing at night or first thing in the morning. Great for the back door or porch, or under the kitchen sink or next to the tub. Naturally water repellent. Handbraided with renewed wool, 38" x 22". Each braid is tightly laced with high impact clear fishing line. Braid width is 3/4". Easy care, just shake gently or spot clean with soap and water. Occasional machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Reversible. Feels good under your feet! Durable, not disposable. Reduce your carbon footprint. Shipping isn't free, but this is a hand crafted item. There is my cost and there is the shipper's cost. Color may vary on individual computer monitors.