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TIGERS EYE PROTECTION SET Unisex bracelet Wear them both, or share with your better half to match energy and be protected together ❤ This is the tiger's eye protection bracelet set! Tiger's eye is one of the most powerful stones as it offers many healing agents.. I could go on forever about the wonders of the tiger's eye but I have just touched and highlighted on a few and here they are; -The golden-brown beauty works well with the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras  -Promotes Balance and Harmony  -Brings insight into complex situations  -Protects from negative energies  -Helps focus the mind  -Attracts good luck  -Can deepen one's meditative state  -Grounds and centers personal energy  -Dispels fears  -Promotes mental clarity  ♥These bracelets are stretch bracelet made with tiger's eye stones, glass seed beads, tibetan silver beads and elastic. They are pre stretched to prevent separation.. 2 pc ♥ My goal is to make something to balance your energy and protect you along your journey. I hope you enjoy!❤