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WOODEN RASTA VIBES Add a little color to your everyday style with this dainty Rasta seed and feather charm bracelet set. Purchase for couples and each wear one to keep you connected‚̧ Great gift for boyfriend as it is a unisex bracelet. Lets have a 2 min history lesson.. Which barely even touches the beauty of the rastafari movement but hey, its something. Rasta's refer to their movement as rastology as they do not beleive in ians or ism titles. They beleive their body is a temple and to let it be natural. They beleive in reincarnation. They beleive in Jah a single God who partially resides in all of us. They get a lot of beleif from the bible but believe it be more of a lesson book. Beleive Zion is a heaven on Earth, a safe spiritual homeland. You hear the term babylon a lot as well which stands for hardships of a brutal system and oppression. This movement really blew up and came to light during the sufferings of slavery, but certain aspects have been around for thousands of years. **Approximately 2-3mm wood and Tibetan silver beads. Stretchy beaded bracelet. This bracelet is roughly 7 inches which is the average size for most braclets. Prestretched to prevent seperation Thank you for veiwing. Stay blessed, beautiful‚̧