Eco-Epoxy Resin Geode Pedastal Table "GLITTER "
Beautifully crafted Eco-Epoxy Resin Geode Pedastal Table. Colors are brilliantly vibrant from Bombay Ink, Jacquard Metallics and Mica Powder. The texture and dimension is provided from Seashells, Crushed Gemstones, Glitters and many layers of colored resins. The Tabletop is 24c24x2 with a smooth texture. The wood base complements perfectly with Black Gloss. The table has a small lever below the Geode top that allows the tabletop to tip Diagonally flat against the base to 12 inches wide, for storage. The table stands 28 inches high. This one of a kind, signed accent piece will complement any room. I love this table. It's so much different than any I've done before and, with no other words to describe it. It's cool! The colors are bright the design is eye catching, the black glittered edge of the Geode makes it pop and, I love that it folds down.