Headphone Wall Hook in Wood and Metal
Our wood and metal headphone hooks can display and protect your headphones while freeing up valuable desk space. The brushed metal pegs will hold them up straight, and are long enough to store the cord. Just wrap the cord around the two pegs to keep it up out of the way. Solid made-in-USA construction, universal fit, and natural finish make a terrific gift for a gamer, musician, or computer whiz! Reclaimed wood often contains character marks left from nails we removed before re-working it. To exclude these marks, please add a message "Modern" for a blemish-free appearance. 2 ¾” wide x 2 ¾” tall. The two pegs are 7/16” wide, and extend 2 ¼”. Mounting hardware is included. Shipping is included in USA and will ship within 2 days. Looking for something custom-made? We readily accept custom orders, so please feel free to write us with your needs. Made in USA