Oak Premium Wood | Tea Light Tealight Candle Holder Engraved
I make custom wood pieces to add class, functionality, and style to every room. I make these by hand, and to order. Every piece is different and custom. Nothing adds more to a room than a candle set. Can set the mood for romance, or even fill the room with fresh scents to brighten your day. Why go with old wood that looks horrible, go with these classy solid wood tea light candle holders. I have a couple different types Oak no engraving Oak with engraving Walnut no engraving Walnut with engraving Oak – Lighter Wood Walnut – Darker Wood Engraving usually adds $2 unless you ask for a ton of letters. This listing includes engraving costs in the price. Also, this is not hand engraved, this is engraved with a 1,000 dot per inch laser engraver that gives perfect and clean wood engraving every time. If you want 10 of these, each will look identical because of the perfect laser engraver. Comes with wood and coat of polyurethane. Candles sold separately.