Desktop Nail Polish Display
Need something on top of your desk or workspace to hold numerous bottles of nail polish? How about a tabletop nail rack with 3 tiers to hold lots of polish! Pick up a few of them (at a discount!) and lay them next to each other to create a long, seamless line of beauties. A functional piece of furniture that will maximize your polish storage capabilities all the while only taking up a small section of your desk or workspace. Tabletop Nail polish rack- handcrafted and painted. This tabletop rack can hold 20-30 of your polishes, depending on size (shown: 27 Zoya polishes.) Dimensions: Area of bottom/base: 11 ” x 5.5” Height: 2 ¼ “ Also perfect for desktop organization, paints, spice racks, perfumes, etc. This is a finished product, no need to wait 20 days to a month for it to be made. From packaging to display in under 2 minutes. Make sure to check out all our other Nail Polish Rack listings! If you wish to have another color, just let us know and we can make custom listing for you! Perfect if you need a gift for a housewarming party, a bridal shower, a Wedding.