Nine Lives Studio

Handmade by me in my home studio

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Olympia, WA
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Ellen Miffitt
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Mixed Media is about the process: experimental, spontaneous freedom of expression inspired by the beauty and mystery of life. With an open mind, I enjoy bringing evolution through techniques and applications of materials. I have no preconceived idea for the finished piece. My approach is non-analytical to allow the imagery to “happen”. Circles especially the Enso have always been important focus in my designs as well as Zen concepts of harmony and balance. My jewelry designs feature faces – green man and representations of goddesses/nature spirits such as autumn, winter, and love to name a few; and a more organic series inspired by nature. Both take advantage of different features of metal clay. Developed by Mitsubishi Corporation from the silver reclaimed from developing photography and x ray film, the fine silver residue is combined with a binder which burns off when the PMC is fired. The resulting product is 99.9% pure silver.