Crafted by the Curious Twins AKA Mom and Daughter Moon

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A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.” – Oscar Wilde My mother and I started Twin Moons Designs to expand our creative and research avenues. Wherever we go, we're always asked if we are "twins." We are best friends who love to explore and make realities out of our imaginings and yours. Creating is a way of life for us. We are fascinated by so many things that this world has to offer and what we offer is but a mere reflection of our conceptions. We do not define ourselves as painters or crafters, but rather makers. What is a maker you ask? Good question. A maker is not just a crafter or a painter, or a singular creative builder of ideas and products, but rather a person who encompasses all of these things. We paint, we build, we craft, we sew, we research, we write, we re-purpose. We are mom and daughter moon.