ORIGINAL rabbit hare with hair 1920s painting with art deco details
I love animals and love depicting them with an eye toward humor. This is one in a series of hares sporting iconic hairdo's - this is my 1920s Flapper Hare. Note the gold art deco pattern in the background. Small enough to hang in practically any nook, this original piece measures 8x8 inches and is painted on stretched canvas using acrylic paint and oil paint pens. No need to mat, hang as is. What does ORIGINAL mean? It means that this piece is ONE-OF-A-KIND. I will never paint this exact piece again. You will be the sole owner of a truly unique piece of art. Interested in a custom piece? Please contact me for a quote. NOTE:The copyright remains with the artist, and the image must not be reproduced, copied, or altered in any way without expressed permission of the original artist