Canvas Creature Boogie Man Repellent
Meet Boogie. Boogie is a certified Canvas Creature bred specifically to deter boogie monsters and anything creepy/crawly that may be lurking in the dark of your home. Canvas Creatures come from a land with poor dental care and therefore tend to have the crookedest of teeth. Though they may look goofy on the exterior, they are quite brave and have zero fear on all matters of the dark. If anything, they are just a tad too confidant and have no shortage of ego. As with most Canvas Creatures, he prefers the company of others. It is therefore recommended to collect more than one Canvas Creature per household. This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND, ORIGINAL piece created on 6x6 inch stretched canvas with acrylic paint and bling mixed-media. No two Canvas Creatures are created alike. This is NOT a digital art piece printed on canvas. I personally hand paint and bling each individual creature. Because of this, colors may vary slightly between pieces. If you are interested in creating your own Canvas Creature, please message me. NOTE: The copyright remains with the artist, and the image must not be reproduced, copied, or altered in any way without expressed permission of the original artist Thank you for supporting the arts!