We offer a nice selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. Returns and refunds are discussed below and payment is mostly standard. Shipping is only on business days.

Payment Policy

The payment will include the normal price along with shipping costs, all through PayPal. All custom orders are final.

Shipping Policy

Shipping hours are standard business days, and will usually get to you within 2-3 days. You can pay extra for faster shipping, but this is optional. Updates on when it will be shipped and received will be given.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Refunds will only be for the seasonal and holiday jewelry, the refund must be made within the first 24hrs of the initial time of receiving. You can cancel your order within the first 24hrs before its shipped. Exchanges are only offered to custom orders and can be exchanged for a seasonal or holiday set for the same price.

Contact Information

Contact me at 360-259-0953 Email:

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