Recycled Paper Sea Turtle Pendant
Our Recycled Paper Sea Turtle Pendants are a beautiful and unique way to show your support for Mother Earth! Each one is individually painted in a stunning Palm Green. Each piece is strung on a durable black hemp cord. The Sea Turtles are textured, giving them a distinct look. Keeping with the spirit of Recycling, we also used these on wine bottles and as adornments on gifts. I am sure there are many uses for these Pendants and would love to hear your ideas! The Sea Turtle Pendants and button catches are crafted from recycled paper clay I make using high quality and durable ingredients. I start with recycled paper (office paper, junk mail), shred it then pour boiling water over it. After two days, the recycled paper (now pulp) is poured into a muslin cloth and allowed to drain. I mix the pulp with PVA glue, joint compound, boiled linseed oil and a bit of flour.  The clay is rolled flat, then given their texture with a short haired brush. I hand cut and form each piece. After drying, the Sea Turtles and button catches are sanded and painted in Palm Green, then wiped with a damp cloth to show the texture. They are finished with a uv resistant gloss varnish. The Pendants are strung onto black hemp and finished with the button catch and a loop. The catch and loop are easy to use and quite reliable. The Sea Turtles measure approximately 1 1/2 inch X 1 1/2inch. Each necklace measures approximately 19 inches. *While each one is crafted with genuine care and love, small imperfections can occur, but it adds to the unique charm of each piece. *Because of differences in monitors, actual colors can vary from what is seen online. *These are water resistant, but NOT waterproof. If it does become soft after saturation, allow to air dry.