Bookplates w/ Cat Art - Set of 5 self stick bookplates - ORANGE CAT -
This will make a great gift for cat lovers, for book worms or for bookworms who love cats! All you cat lovers out there…Need a way to show that a book is yours? (Besides that nasty way that some cats have of making something theirs!) Keep up with your books with these unique bookplates embellished with my cat artwork and photos. All you have to do (before the cat gets to them) is write your name on them (or your cat's name) peel off the backing and stick in the front of your books. CAT ART BOOKPLATES ---ORANGE CAT foto from my Original Photography There is room to add your name on the bookplate (or your cat's name) DESCRIPTION: self stick book plates w/ image of orange cat in sunlight on light pastel purple background LETTERING: This book belongs to: SIZE: 2 x 3 ½ inch NUMBER IN SET: 5 self stick bookplates PRICE: $10 free S/H to lower 48 includes several self stick round cat art stickers also featuring my art NOTE ABOUT COLORS---Due to variances in monitors, cameras and lighting conditions. actual colors may appear different. QUESTIONS WELCOME! A GREAT BIG THANK-YOU to all my patrons and clients, both new and repeat purchasers. I am so thrilled how the cat lovers are purchasing my art and collectibles to help support my cat sanctuary. You can read about Fred and the cats of the sanctuary in some of the listings. MY ESTY SHOPS: ---A CAT NAMED FRED--- devoted to cat art and cat collectibles. All profits go to funding my cat sanctuary for rescues, cast-offs and foundlings. If you would like to continue to shop for more cat art and cat gifts including custom cat collectibles, framed cat paintings, cat prints and custom cat pet portraits you may return to ACatNamedFred by using the following link: ---SUSAN’S SADDLE STANDS (and Art) -custom designed saddle stands, horse and western art, some collectibles . If you would like to visit my other shop to look potential horse art gifts including custom horse art both original and prints, framed horse art and custom horse portraits you may go to the---Susan’sSaddleStands by using the following link: ABOUT THE ARTIST ----I am a retired teacher but have drawn and painted horses and cats since the age of 4. At the age of 12, I went door to door selling drawings for 25 cents each. I works in all media and have do pet portraits, western art, landscapes and wildlife. My art has appeared on buses and feed bags. I am devoted to my cats and now have a sanctuary as home to several castoffs and foundlings. You can read about the cats in some of the listings. Freddie Cougar tried to be a nightmare on every street! He was the most active and busy cat we ever had, getting into all sorts of trouble. He chewed bicycle seats, would escape outside to run around in blizzards, loved children, loved exercising on the treadmill and was my husband’s best buddy. He ruled the roost. He may not have paid the bills but he owned the place. We had him nearly 20 years and miss him dearly. NOTE--ALL MY ART IS COPYRIGHTED WHICH MEANS ONLY I HAVE THE RIGHT TO COPY IT IN ANY FORM OR FASHION---please do not steal image for your own use. It can be purchased at a reasonable price. SPOTLIGHT ON Furnando—IS the lovingest cat who just melts in your arms. My neighbor’s mother had just passed away when someone left this kitten on her porch. She was going to take him to the pound after dealing with the funeral but we said we would kitten sit for a few days…with his people loving personality he fit right in and never left. His only problem is spraying and he has to be an outside cat but do not worry, he stays in our spacious catio.