Red Fox Headdress Native American made
Native American Made comes with Certificate of authenticity stating artist and tribe. This is a Red Fox headdress it is a full fox complete with tail ALL PAWS AND CLAWS!! Fox stands for cunning and stealth. In Lakota society the highest warrior was called a TOKALA AKITA FOX WARRIOR not bear not wolf but FOX! These were the warriors that would stake themselves to the ground in battle and fight till they died or won the warriors that had no family and sacrificed everything for the good of the people. This is designed to fit anyone's head. Traditionally before taxidermy eyes and so forth were not available this is how a headdress would look back in the day. Photos do NOT do this headdress justice, a stunning piece of native lore and history and welcome at any pow wow or cultural event. Please understand that animals are created by nature therefore understand nothing nature created is perfect. Please ask all questions before purchase. This headdress is not cluttered with feathers, bells or other objects the reasoning behind it is this: When you clutter the medicine you wear or use you clutter the energy around you. It is hard to focus on what the spirits are trying to help you with when there is so much clutter in your life. An animal skin headdress has enough medicine on its own to add so much more to it clutters up the energy in your life. Buckskin straps to secure it to your head. This is a stunning one of a kind piece for ceremony, pow wow, mountain man even, order of the arrow boy scouts or any other activity. Let the spirit of Fox guide you!