Authentic Wolf tooth with CITES permit number native american cleaned
YOU WILL RECEIVE A SIMILAR ONE! If you are worried about which tooth you can request a photo after purchase. Please note due to large inquiries and that I sell out quickly please know I do not take a photo of each tooth unless requested. Pendant comes with a stainless steel loop so you can put it on anything. This is a Canadian wolf it will come with a cites permit number on the certificate of authenticity. This is not an endangered breed of timberwolf. Last photo shows the tooth in comparison of wolf tooth to coyote The wolf is a teacher and pathfinder, storyteller and truth seeker. There are many people on here to sell coyote or "Brush wolf" teeth as genuine wolf teeth. This is a shame, coyote medicine has VERY different medicine than a wolf. To lie over a spiritual piece is not what I was taught. Tooth size:2.5" long around the curve. You will receive this tooth the coyote tooth is not included but to show that I am selling a GENUINE wolf tooth not a coyote tooth. This is a one of a kind real wolf Fang NOT a "brush wolf" AKA a coyote. REAL wolf Tooth NOT FAKE OR PLASTIC. This tooth has been cleaned and coated in a protective finish. However teeth love to crack they will crack in a temperature difference.... if you drop them, and overall whenever they feel like it. In short Teeth are FRAGILE so be warned I can not guarantee them NOT to crack. Because it's only a matter of time before they do. It's nature, claws are a longer lasting alternative if the thought of a crack bothers you, order a claw as I will not replace cracked teeth.