Ulfhednar wolf tooth necklace Norse Viking regalia
Real animal items are not allowed for international sale due to federal law, so please don't ask. I also carry real bear and lion items on my direct website only. This is an Authentic Wolf tooth, photo number two shows it in contrast to the Coyote teeth that 99% of sellers on here pass off as a wolf tooth.... Item comes with a CITES permit copy to further prove legal origin from Canada where the wolf is hunted as Population control and not just harvested for fur. This is a stunning one of a kind necklace for daily use and also for prayer. The tooth itself is about 3" (guess what? If your tooth doesn't at least measure 2 1/4" it is NOT a wolf tooth, it's either dog or coyote) Deerskin cord measures 30" around Bone, glass and pewter beads for decoration. Runes will be chosen at random, should you wish to pick your own please message me first to ensure I have them in stock. Wolf tooth color can vary but it will always be a real authentic tooth that is mailed to you. This item is native american/Scottish made and comes with a certificate of authenticity.