Mask sporran Fox traditional scottish kilt accessory
I do not use fur industry hides also known as "fur farms" when you work with actual hunters several things come into play: 1. Fur farms etc. Do NOT help with wildlife conservation. Most state wildlife departments (Idaho Included) do NOT get funds from taxpayers. When a hunter buys tags and their hunting license 100% of that goes towards conservation. 2. States control what animals need to be hunted to help other species survive, for example in Idaho we hunt animals like badgers to help protect the population of burrowing owls. 3. A hunted animal is not in a cage for the entirety of their life.... They are free and happy. Now that we have established that: This is a beautiful thickly furred Red Fox sporran. Each Fox sporran is unique in color and length, your skunk will have solid stripes present but each is made by nature and character will vary. Comes with straps ready to wear around your waist storage space is 7x5" I do custom work for traditional Celtic heritage items. My father's Surname is Crawford (Scottish heritage but was again I was adopted) my family motto is "protection through strength"