Midnight River: Midnight on Sparkling River
This is my fifth design in the Imagery Series of the Imagine Project. Within the hollow mountains lies a giant cave that contains a river. Glowing flowers and green vines of mush line the caves. I reached the end of the cave, which turned out to be the beginning of something more. I emerged from the water and marveled at the colors of the glowing flowers around me. There were glowing flowers everywhere: they were in the water, on the walls of the inner mountains, and even the ceiling. These flowers were practically lighting up the cave! I also noticed that the green mush on the walls of the cave looked different than the green mush I've encountered outside. This mush was thin and vine-like. As I was about to start observing this green mush even more, I looked up ahead and noticed a bright, white light reflecting on the water and the cave walls from around the corner at the end. Is it morning already? That light seems to be brighter than the light from the sun. My curiosity was kicking in again, and I felt beckoned to follow that light.