Golden Mush Explanation Bag
This is a small bag that can hold basic items, such as a wallet and phone. Also, it can be used to hold crafting supplies. Got a needlepoint club? Bring your supplies in a bag that says, "Let's do this!" Alright, technically, the bag says something else on it. Literally. It's an explanation (sort of) of the existence of Golden Mush in this imaginary valley that I label as my happy place. This isn't the first product I have that features Golden Mush on it; I have books with a cross-stitched design of the golden mush on the cover. It looks like a ton of yellow smushed between green with some bright orange somewhere in the top left, you can't miss it. If you squint a bit and take a step back, then you may very well see the golden path displayed in the design. Anywho, this bag is used for holding things.