Twilight Lake: Twilight on Shimmering Lake T-Shirt
This is the fourth design in the Imagery Series of the Imagine Project. Here is a lake setting during twilight. Flowers grow within the lake, and some flowers grow above the lake on patches of green mush. The lake is surrounded by dark green mush, the mountains are in the background, and the beautiful sky is filled with stars and a beautiful full moon. I turned right as indicated on the golden path and feasted my eyes on the beautiful scene before me. It was a lake, and the sky has gone from a bright orange to a purple and dark blue. The lake is surrounded by dark green mush, and the mountains tower over the lake in the background. The stars and moon shine above, and the lake is bathed in the beautiful moonlight. I then noticed the flowers growing from the lake on patches of light green mush. These flowers were different from the other flowers in the meadow, but they looked just as beautiful. I wanted to see if they produced fruit that are just as delicious. I started walking towards the placid lake. The lake was so still, it was nearly hypnotizing. I stepped into the lake, and the water felt amazing. I walked towards one of the flowers, took it, and tasted its delicious fruit. A new taste just as delicious as the meadow flowers. After enjoying many more fruit, I walked deeper into the water until I was completely submerged. I noticed quickly that I could breathe within the lake. The flowers growing on the ground of the lake were glowing, allowing for me to see while underwater. I swam around underwater and explored the lake's hidden beauty. I eventually discovered an underwater cave. My curiosity hasn't stopped me before, so I braved the cave ahead. Now on a T-Shirt! X) Here's the different color and size combinations of T-Shirts available: -1 Children's Medium, White -2 Children's Small, White