Night Cliff: Moonlit Mush Cliff
This is my seventh and final design in the Imagine Series of the Imagery Project. We are back out in the valley above the mountains, and we discover this cliff... I poked my head out of the hole to see that I was in the mountains of the valley above the green mush like before. I looked up and discovered what was brightening up the cave but, at the same time, I was confused. The moon was large and bright, and its light was shining into the hole of the cave. However, the valley below me was dark. It was as if something was preventing the light from shining onto the mountains and green mush above the valley...but what? I looked around and saw a cliff jutting out of a nearby mountain to my right. The cliff was mostly covered in the green mush, but I noticed that the cliff and the green mush were a bit brighter than the rest of the scene. It was strange, and I wanted to go see why. That's when I barely saw a path leading from out of the hole of the cave to that very same cliff in the darkness. I stepped out and walked along the path towards the cliff. While walking, I looked around the rest of the dark valley and to the sky. The moon was bright, but there were very few stars in the sky. That only furthered my confusion. Finally, I reached the cliff and stepped onto its soft, green mush. This wasn't the same cliff as the other one, as this one was a bit smaller. Also, this one was covered in the green mush. I looked around the valley one last time and couldn't see another cliff. In fact, it felt like I was looking at a different valley from before. I wasn't sure if the mountains looked different, but they didn't look familiar. They didn't feel familiar, either. Was I in a new place? Before I could ponder that long enough, I suddenly felt tired. I have been through quite a journey, and the mush below me does feel soft...I lowered myself, lied down, and closed my eyes. I figured that I'll do some more exploring when I awoke... I woke up to the brightness of the sun. I stretched and yawned on the cliff. It felt different, though...wasn't there some green mush here last night? The cliff was bare of any green mush. It actually looked different, as well. I stood up and looked around the valley and back at the cliff. That's when I knew that I was in the exact same place I was when I woke up yesterday.